The Design Process

While each project and vision is conceptually different, the approach is the same. Through a calculated seven-step process, Amy Belt Landscape Design combines in-depth knowledge in project design, horticulture, landscape construction and renovation of existing landscapes to ensure a stress-free experience from conception to completion.

See the steps below of the Design Process.

The 2D CAD plans are important component to get the project built, but the 3D Renderings make the project come to life:

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Step 1: Book a Free Consult Call with Amy

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On this phone call Amy will get to know more about you and your project. You can also get answers to all your questions with this no-obligation call.

Step 2: Initial Consultation and Site Visit

Imagine your dream outdoor space...

Timeline: 1.5 hours

What does it look like? How does it feel? Does it inspire you? Prior to diving into any design, we’ll arrange an on-site visit to get a cohesive idea of what you’re looking for and how we can make your ideal outdoor space a reality. The initial consultation is also an opportunity to get to know each other. Design is an intimate reflection of your tastes and lifestyle. To prepare for the initial consultation, you’ll be requested to gather any photos or images that you connect with to determine the direction to take your outdoor space. If you’re not sure of the direction you’d like to take, Amy will offer a myriad of options. Within two days of your meeting, Amy will send you a landscape design agreement along with a link to pay the deposit fee if you should decide to move forward with her services.

Project Scope

Estimated Budget

Key Elements

Potential Materials


Step 3: Site Analysis and Measurements

After the initial agreement is signed and sealed, we’ll take another visit to your home to fully understand the intricacies of your space and gather measurements and photos of the site.

This information is used to footprint a scaled base plan of your house, property lines, and any existing elements to remain in place.

No one needs to be home during this visit. Our team will be using state of the art scanning equipment to create a scaled base plan of the existing conditions of your property.

Site Measurements

Photographs of the Space

Topographical Transitions

Specific Site Conditions

Step 4: Delivery of Custom Landscape Plans

Custom landscape plans

Timeline: 6-8 weeks

We first present you with a 3D Video Rendering to showcase your new Outdoor Living Space. Once the 3D concept phase is completed the 2D CAD plans (hardscape+softscape) are delivered both digitally and as hard copies. Hard copies are 1/8" scaled plans on a 24x36 blackline paper format. The hard (paper) copies and/or digital .pdf files can be shared with contractors and your HOA (homeowner’s association). 

3D Computer Rendering: Watch your project come to life. In this video, you’ll see your home recreated and reimagined with a new outdoor living space.

Detailed Landscape Plan: 2D scaled plan of conceptual hardscape elements such as pool, spa, patio cover, fireplace, firepit, barbecue, etc.

Detailed Planting Plan: Visualize your green space with specific photos of each tree and shrub. The planting legend lists all plants by both botanical and common name.

Detailed Low-Voltage Plan: This 2D plan view design provides a low voltage lighting plan that shows fixture type and location.

Step 5: Revision of Plans

If key elements need to be edited in either the 3D or 2D design stage, we allow any necessary changes at no charge.

Timeline: 7-10 business day turnaround on each revision

Consultations for revisions are conducted via screen share software to cross-reference the designs.

Any revisions required for both 2D CAD and 3D Renderings are included at no charge. If the HOA requires specific revisions, there is no charge. 

Revisions are done on the 3D Video Rendering first which is sent to the client for review prior to revising the CAD plans.

Step 6: Submit and Build

By the end of the design process, you’ll have a complete set of landscape plans that include all the information necessary for a licensed contractor to install your design.

Handing off your scaled plans to licensed contractors to bid from makes it easy to effectively compare their proposals.

We’re more than happy to serve as a reference as your licensed contractor builds out your design. We stay involved to provide assistance with design details, material choices, plant placement, and site observation while periodically visiting the site to ensure everything is going to plan. 

Complete Set of Scaled Landscape Plans

Plans for HOA Submittal and Contractor to Bid and Build From

Recommendations of Licensed Contractors (if needed)

Step 7: Completion and Aftercare

Once your project is completed, we’ll come by for a final on-site meeting to discuss your finished project.

In addition to answering any outstanding questions, we’ll do a walk-through of proper plant care to ensure that your garden and outdoor living space are nurtured to full maturity. 

Any Outstanding Questions

Plant Care

Outdoor Decor Tips


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