'Tis The Season... for Native Plants

October 8, 2020

Turns out a healthy lawn isn’t synonymous with a white picket fence and green green grass. Nope, a healthy backyard is full of native plants that work with your climate, rather than requiring constant upkeep. 

We’re lucky enough in California to have an endless supply of native plants that are both drought resistant and aesthetically pleasing. Between the desert, coastal hills, and cool forests, there are over 300 species of native grasses and 6,500 species of native plants. 

How incredible is that?

Introducing native plants to your home allows you to leave the garden to its own devices (within reason) and actually have the time to enjoy your outdoor paradise. Native plants offer water savings, support for native wildlife, save water, and most importantly, are low maintenance. Their loose movements, quintessential California feel, and neutral palettes allow for an upscale backyard space that can be interpreted time and time again. 

The best time of year to plant natives in Southern California is in October and November. It’s our version of a ‘crisp’ autumn, meaning moist dirt and plenty of sunshine for plants to grow and find a home in your yard. 

Some personal favorite plants include flowers like Coulter’s Matilija Poppy and succulents like Chalk Dudleya (you’ll see this beauty make a cameo in many of my projects). In my design projects, I’m attracted to plants that find a balance between character, color, and versatility. Sometimes, I like to throw in statement plants like the Poppy that are impossible to forget.