Tile Trends in Outdoor Living

August 5, 2020

Landscape design endlessly inspires me because it’s the true intersection between art and functionality. Creating beautiful outdoor spaces that are usable and liveable is a result of pulling pieces and details together in a way that effortlessly expands the living space into the open air. And my secret weapon? Ceramic tiles. 

Ceramic tiles are incredible. They’re versatile and durable surfaces that last, while allowing for a whimsical expression of your personality. From plain beige tiles, to intricate spanish style mosaic-tiles, to modern tiles, the possibilities are endless. Oh - and then there’s the fact that they are able to exist in shifting weather over years and stand up to any backyard action.

In the design world, tiles are used as flooring, to mark pathways, to create art, in the pool, and my personal favorite– to highlight special features such as bars and outdoor fireplaces. They can be an extension of a home's aesthetic, or an entirely new feel. 

There’s a growing trend to incorporate tile in new and inventive ways. Think outdoor tile feature walls that highlight a unique tile pattern or texture, or tiled outdoor kitchens and bars. Strategic tile placement, like complimenting a subtle color with a bold pop of tile, segments and breaks up spaces which creates an illusion of a larger backyard. 

This summer, adding decorative tiles as statement pieces is incredibly popular. And why not? I love it when clients want to showcase their personality through tiles - it’s a fun way to add a bit of artistry without overwhelming the space.  Bonus points for tiles sourced from artists in your community. Some recent trends I’ve been loving include 6x48 porcelain tiles that look like wood and bold tiles that scream ‘look at me!’

Adding tiles to a home easily makes the backyard more livable, enjoyable, and functional. It’s also a fantastic way to give an old space a facelift.