There's Nothing like a California Winter

November 16, 2020

In Southern California, winter is subdued. A bit of cloud cover, scattered showers on a good year, and the rare day of cold weather. So, transitioning to a cozier mood without a traditional fall landscape takes a little bit of ingenuity, sharp design, and a shift in perspective. In no time, you’ll be reaching for the softest blanket and warming up the kettle for hot chocolate. Welcome to cozy season. 

There’s something about snuggling up in a California backyard in the middle of fall. The air is crisp, but it’s still nice to be outside. To really get that feel of fall, we love introducing flowers and plants that thrive in a bit cooler weather while adding elements that highlight a California lifestyle. 

Below, some ideas of how to transform your garden for winter abundance. Tis’ the season. 


Brighten up your backyard and gloomy days with vibrant winter flowers. Always look for drought- and frost-tolerant plants like Hummingbird Sage, Rosemary (beautiful purple blooms!), calendula, and pansies. Some of these plants, like nasturtium, are both edible and cheerful. Others, like chrysanthemums and winter jasmine, add a seasonal winter color pop that’s hard to ignore. 



Flowers aren’t the only things you can plant for a bountiful winter. A Southern California winter adores edible foods like zucchini, celery, tomates, peppers, radishes. With cooler days, it’s much more pleasant to get your hands in the soil and give your backyard a little bit of love while harvesting some fresh and local produce for a wintertime soup. 



Compliment a color collection of florals with cozy winter accents like a fire pit, an outdoor sofa loaded with pillows and blankets, or a tea station. We adore subdued color palettes - whites, earthy tones, natural wood - in an outdoor space rife with florals and colorful plants so the seasonality and character of a garden can really stand out. 


Need some help transforming your backyard to a ‘winter’ wonderland? 

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