The Value of Using Proper Trees in Landscaping

July 13, 2021

Oh, the great tree debate. How do you decide what trees will take up real estate in your front or back yard? And is there more to a tree than just how it looks?

Some tips for introducing trees into your home: 

  • Identify what trees will thrive in your climate. It’s best to look for native trees, but if a species can exist within your geographic area, it’s fair game. 
  • Be open to buying younger trees–they’re generally a lot cheaper and accessible. Unless you’re adding a tree to enhance curb appeal on a short timeline, it’s better to start young. 
  • Become familiar with what upkeep looks like. If trees are planted too close to your home, you can risk damage or need to routinely prune. 
  • Some trees constantly require cleaning up leaves, which can become a nuisance. Decide whether you want an evergreen (does not lose its leaves) or a deciduous tree (drops leaves in fall)...remember some evergreen trees can be messy too!

If you’re in Southern California, some great trees to consider include: Fruitless Olive, Carrotwood, African Sumac, Brisbane Box and Strawberry Tree.