The Value of 3D Design

May 15, 2020

Fact: Any reputable designer swears by 3D rendering software.

And for obvious reasons – it’s a beautiful way to pull together a vision. Through conceptual renderings, a designer can give a client an accurate picture of what they envision a new space will look like… and plan accordingly.  

3D renderings replace traditional flat sketches with dynamic and malleable pieces of expression. As you explore a 3D render, you’ll be able to see textures, details, colorways, and measurements of your space. That means that it’s easier to make suggestions, visualize how a design will look, and allow for any alterations. 

When it comes to landscape design, 3D renderings can showcase the types of plants, furniture, and aesthetic. It makes it easy to play with different iterations of the same design – whether that translates into an additional seating area, outdoor kitchen, or water feature.

On the designer’s side, 3D renderings are well-received by contractors and installation crews. Rather than spending time walking through each detail, renderings make it clear what needs to be done where, saving all parties time and money. Score.

Then, there comes the simple fact that 3D rendering is just fun. Clients love seeing the potential of their space and playing an active role in the design process.

See for yourself! Some before and afters of spaces we’ve designed using 3D renderings: