The Hot Tub vs. Jacuzzi Showdown

October 10, 2022

If you had to tell difference between a hot tub, a spa, and a jacuzzi, what would you look for? 

Considering all these water fixtures have basically the same function, it can be confusing to differentiate between them. And you’re not alone. 

We’re huge advocates for incorporating an interactive water feature in plans for any backyard worth entertaining. There’s nothing like coming home after a long day — especially once the weather cools significantly — and soaking in your backyard. Pure bliss.  

If you’re in the process of considering incorporating a hot tub-spa-jacuzzi situation, consider this a helpful reference to determine just what’s right for you: 

Jacuzzi: Is a hot tub that is trademarked by the Jacuzzi brothers, the Jacuzzi hot tub is known for its signature jets. These tubs can range in size from 2 seat models to 9 seat models. They are usually a square or rectangle shape. These make great personal tubs outdoors and indoors. Some models even include full body lounge seats and massage jets for the ultimate indulgence. 

Hot Tub: Refers to the same as above but can be a different brand than just Jacuzzi. These tubs are an ideal choice for entertaining friends and family underneath the stars. They are usually crafted from an acrylic shell (ak.a. acrylic box tub).  These hot tubs are usually placed on a concrete pad, are portable and are about 36” ht. above ground.  All the equipment is self-contained (hidden within the unit).

In-Ground Spa: Most in-ground spas are attached to an in-ground pool but they also can be built without a pool.  These custom shaped spas usually have about 6-8 jets whereas a box style hot tub or Jacuzzi tub can feature up to as many 40 jets.  Custom in ground spa sizes can vary from small where they hold 4-6 people up to large that can accommodate around 8-10 people. All the equipment would be external and its location can be placed a fair distance away from the spa.

In conclusion, a hot tub is not a spa, but a jacuzzi is a hot tub. Are you with us?

If you still have questions — or simply want a second opinion on what setup would suit you best — reach out. We’re hot tub & spa fanatics!