Our Favorite Shade-Loving Succulents

February 11, 2022

If we had to choose one plant to design an outdoor space around, it would be the always visually-appealing succulent. Striking, full of personality, and relatively no-maintenance, the succulent is a mainstay in our design arsenal. While succulents are known to love sunlight, it’s worth knowing that there are species that equally thrive in shade—which makes designing a backyard all the more fun. 

Before you go wild and exclusively plant succulents in the shade, note that some species need constant sunlight or will rot, stop blooming, or become sickly—like some varieties of cacti, agaves, or aloes. 

As you think through how to add a bit of life to your outdoor space, consider bringing the below list of these part-shade and shade-loving succulents to your local nursery: 

  • Haworthia striata (Fairy Washboard)
  • Agave attenuata (Foxtail Agave)
  • Aloe maculata (Soap Aloe)
  • Crassula ovata (Jade Plant)
  • Agave celsii (San Ysidro Lane Agave)
  • Haworthia attenuata (Zebra Cactus)
  • Senecio radicans (String of Bananas)
  • Kalanchoe tomentosa (Panda Plant)

Oh— and if you’re having trouble choosing the perfect combination of succulents, feel free to give us a call!