On Outdoor Water Features

January 24, 2022

There’s something to be said about the sound of water—relaxing and grounding, it brings an essence of calm to any space. It’s safe to say that some of our favorite homes have been centered around water elements. Whether it’s a flowing fountain, a zen-style pond, or a space for birds to ruffle their feathers, we are always happy to talk about water features.  

Incorporating water can come in a lot of different iterations and shapes. One can choose from running, bubbling, raining, pouring, or cascading water—it all depends on what fits into your landscaping style. In addition to increasing curb appeal, an aquatic element can truly act as a centerpiece in the backyard. They can be pre-cast or custom-built, big or small. We tend to reach for: 

  • Decorative fountains: these are statement-making elements that can completely transform a space
  • Spillway Bowls: step into a zen-like state of mind with water that flows through bowls together 
  • Combination of Elements: water and fire, together? It looks absolutely amazing.
  • Custom Fountains: Do you have a specific vision of mind? Make it come to life! 
  • Ponds: Find serenity in stillness. A still pond—with or without koi fish—can evoke that sense of retreat to any space. 

Once you’ve selected a water feature that works best for your space,  the placement has to be seriously considered. In addition to understanding how you will be sourcing water to bring your feature to life, it’s critical to think about the piping of water, how often you’ll be running the water and the upkeep of the feature. Most features can be pretty low maintenance and actually recycle water, as long as you plan in advance.  

If you’re dreaming about including some water in your background, reach out! We love (and have a successful track record) bringing unique features to life.