On Grilling Season and Endless Summer

August 9, 2021

Summer may be winding down, but grilling season is forever. Outdoor dinners, BBQ’d food, and great company is all it takes for that summer state of mind to take you all the way into the fall.

Some food for thought on shaping a memorable backyard grilling station—from BBQ choice, to aesthetic feel, to general layout.


Design with Intention

Before anything, think about the type of people you’ll be entertaining, and the activities you’ll be doing. If you’re crazy about the quality of your steak, you’ll want to look for specific grills that help you reach that perfect state. If you’re entertaining both vegetarians and meat-eaters, it’s worth thinking about sectioned BBQ’s. If BBQ’s are nothing without a cold beer, then you’ll probably want to position your set up next to the bar.


Think about your Workflow

There’s nothing worse than a poorly placed grill. When you’re thinking about your space, consider what accessories and add ons you’ll need to make your backyard a BBQ paradise. Whether this is a side table, extra cutting boards, cooler, or BBQ cover, consider these extras beforehand.


Design for your Space

Ditch the clutter. A great outdoor space is free of unnecessary items and looks at the amount of space, as well as general aesthetic, as an overall guide. Small backyard? Look to portable and small charcoal grills. They’re classic and easy to use, without taking up too much space. Already have an established outdoor kitchen? Extend that dining experience further with a grill that’s just a reach away from the fridge. Integrating the grill with a sitting area makes for dinner and a show. This is great for small backyards, families, or frequent dinner parties.


Looking for inspiration? Some pulled imagery of backyard BBQ setups we covet. We can easily make these a reality—just reach out!