The Subtle Beauty of Planters

September 10, 2020

A plant without a planter is still a plant. A planter without a plant is just an empty piece of ceramic. So, might as well make them both count. 

Traditionally, planters - aka pots - are used to house plants and create small ecosystems for them to thrive. Indoors or out, a great planter has the potential to completely shift the feel or space, add an artistic twist, or mellow out a color palette.

From deep rich terra cotta planters, to statement-making concrete pots, to intricately designed and hand painted ceramic planters, it’s so much fun to pair plants to their new containers. Vibrant tropical plants can be elevated by muted planters, while desert flowers look right at home tucked into adobe pots. This year, stand out planter trends include sleek and modern pieces, neutral colorways, and rustic pots. 

Because planters are often put front and center in design, an entire industry elevating planters and pots has evolved, resulting in expensive planters that aren’t always financially viable during big-picture landscaping projects. 

For those more-DIY inclined, there are so many potential vessels to reinvent and liven up that would look right at home with plants inside. From pulling out the paint brushes and repainting used pots to fit your new aesthetic, to repurposing coffee cans or old tea cups, to getting out the carpentry materials and building a wooden planter box, the possibilities are endless. Happy potting!