Let's Talk Outdoor Lighting

December 17, 2021

Let’s talk lighting—specifically, how to use intentional lighting to bring your landscape from backyard to full-fledged entertaining space. When creating a plan, we tend to gravitate towards a low-voltage lighting system because they are low-hassle, versatile, and easy to install.

A few of our favorite types of lighting: 


For the backyards with key elements begging to be highlighted, look no further than a spotlight. This intentional lighting technique illuminates specific areas, be it a great succulent, a seating area, or a work of art. 

String Lights 

Is there anything more inviting that string lights? We love seeing cafe style string lights dappled across a garden—perhaps in a tree or over a table—because they make a space feel cozy, romantic, and intimate. 

Flood Lights 

Perfect for brightening large areas, flood lights are great to illuminate pathways or patios.  

Step Lights 

If you have stairs in your backyard, step lights add a bit of ambiance and allow you to find your path. We love it when these have a bit of color to them to give the backyard a bit of a mood.  

Pathway Lights 

The perfect opportunity to shine a light on your walkways. We love seeing pathway lights illuminate walkways and the edge of patio areas. 

If you’re looking for lighting solutions and find yourself needing additional consulting, reach out! We love projects that involve lighting, as it can immediately change the feel of your home.