How to Prepare for a Backyard Renovation Project

August 8, 2022

So, you’ve decided that it finally feels right to tackle that renovation project you’ve been dreaming about for months. You have the Pinterest boards ready to go and a vision of what your perfect backyard looks like. Now, it’s just about putting these ideas in motion — this time, next year, you’ll be sitting outside enjoying the magic that is your renovated backyard. 

But before you hightail to Home Depot and buy out their inventory, take a moment to intentionally think about what this project is going to look like. A few tips, learned from years of experience. 

Be Realistic with Your Budget

This is key to setting yourself up for success — projects tend to cost quite a bit more than projected. Play it safe by creating a tight budget and finding ways to cut corners. Maybe that looks like sourcing used garden accessories, visiting salvage yards for materials, and borrowing specialized tools from your community rather than purchasing them.  

Design with Intention 

Take time to do your research and check in with yourself about what you really want your space to look and feel like. Pull out drawing paper and illustrate exactly where you see things being placed — and be sure to make the proper measurements beforehand. If there’s a specific element you’d like to see imagined, this is where CAD comes in handy. We’re happy to help you visually understand what your space could look.

Find the Right Team 

If you’re embarking on a serious backyard renovation, you’ll want a team that understands your vision from the very beginning. Take your time connecting with installers and crew so there’s no miscommunication down the line. This process can be a big headache — we’re happy to refer you to our favorite landscape professionals that deliver time and time again. 

Play the Long-Game 

How will you ideal backyard withstand the seasons? How much care does it need — daily? Weekly? Monthly? You’ll want to consider the longevity and time investment into your designs to ensure that they match up with how you move through the world. We tend to recommend low-maintenance but impactful shift that will increase your home value down the line. 

A backyard renovation is a big commitment… but the payoff is undeniable. We’d love to help make your vision a reality. Contact us to set up a Discovery Call!