How to Decorate Your Front Porch For The Holidays

December 19, 2022

Somehow, it’s already mid-December. And while in California, the holidays look like chilly, yet sunny days, it very much feels like the festive season. Houses are decorated with lights, there always seems to be a rogue Santa-hat-wearing jogger, and the pace of the world has slowed down.

There’s a way to showcase an adoration for the holidays that can look refined and elevated… and there are ways that veer towards the side of, well, tacky. Think blow-up Santa’s, neon flashing lights — the works. 

If you’re feeling like enhancing your front porch with some festive flair, sans tacky, take note of a few of our favorite ways to celebrate the season: 

Stick to the Classics

Lean into the bows, the garlands, the wreaths. Just by association, they bring in holiday cheer. By smell, they will conjure up past memories while helping create new ones. And regardless of the style of your home, they’ll look perfectly in place. 

It’s all About The Cozy

The winter season is synonymous with comfort. If you have patio seating, introduce warm blankets and pillows outdoors, creating a reading nook of sorts. Just because it’s a big colder doesn’t mean your patio shouldn’t be enjoyed year-round. 

Red + Greens — It’s Their Season

For a more subtle take on the holidays, bring in elements of red and green through foliage, decoration, or accessories. Paired together, these two colors will remind just about everyone what time of year it is.  

Let It Shine 

We love homes that bring in light elements to their outdoor space. Decorating a space with lights and candles makes a front patio look incredibly inviting. Just be sure to blow out the candles before turning in for the night!

Bring the Celebration Outdoors 

For those of us who love Christmas, the patio offers a blank slate for decoration. Bring a Christmas tree outdoors, decorate with ornaments, surround it with mock presents (tip: reuse old cardboard boxes—the bigger, the better) and let your neighborhood know that your home is a holiday home.