How to Choose Outdoor Furniture

October 6, 2021

We may be biased, but we think that choosing outdoor furniture (read: shopping) is the best part of creating an intentional outdoor space. A specific piece has the absolute power to shift a space in the best way—whether you want to go bold, choose a grounding item, elevate the mood, or simply look towards comfort. 

But if you’ve ever perused the world of outdoor furniture, you probably know that it’s easy to get overwhelmed...there’s so much good stuff to choose from. So the question is: how do you choose outdoor furniture?

Our top tips, well-learned after years of research, below.


Consider the classics + your budget

Some questions to consider: In 10 years, can you see yourself with the same furniture? Is it versatile or a trendy statement? What happens if your family expands? What if pets enter the picture? Is it a piece you want to see every day? If, out of the blue, you decide to completely change your aesthetic, will you have to depart with it? Is it worth an investment?


Weather, weather, weather

The elements can have a serious impact on furniture. Before anything else, consider the climate. You’ll want to choose pieces that are resilient or tailor your choice to your local weather. In Southern California, the sun can be harsh—resulting in dulled paint, bleached fabric, and degraded synthetic. In temperate climates, wood may easily rot. 

As good furniture should be an investment, you’ll want to think about your choices long-term. Luckily, most suppliers understand the impact of weather and offer resistant furnishings. 


Let’s talk about your space 

A common mistake we see is people gathering far too much furniture or not considering their physical space. There’s nothing worse than having to navigate around pieces simply because the flow of a space wasn’t considered. Before purchasing furniture, we recommend clearing out your backyard to see what you’re working with—and even using CAD or a design software to plan out ideal layouts. We’re more than happy to help.