Hot Trends for Outdoor Living This Summer

June 11, 2021

Happy summer!

It’s truly our favorite time of year— maybe it’s because we find ourselves wearing shoes less often, reaching for sweet citrus, or relishing in those glorious summer sunsets and beach days. 

As summer is the best time to enjoy your backyard, we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of hot tips taking over backyards this summer. Below, some of our favorite trends. Enjoy! And if you need help bringing these ideas to life, you know exactly who to call 🍊

  1. Outdoor Kitchens

Hello, outdoor dinner parties! Celebrate local food, your favorite people, and the joy of hosting a meal with an outdoor kitchen that is fully equipped to entertain. We’re talking about an outdoor prep station, fridge, grill, and countertop. You’ll never want to cook inside again! 

  1. Native Plants

As sustainability becomes the forefront of just about every industry, we’re looking towards native plants. Using drought-tolerant plants make for low-maintenance and localized gardens that feel right at home in your environment. If you’re in Southern California, Be Water Wise has compiled this great guide: California Native Plants.

  1. Eat Your Garden 

Is there a better time to become a plant whisperer? We think not. Take it up a notch with an edible garden that will always provide a harvest of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. 

  1. Introduce Water to Your Backyard 

There’s nothing quite like a bit of water in a space. In addition to adding a tranquil feeling, it encourages wildlife (such as birds) to enter your space. Be sure to find sustainable ways to use water, such as with a recirculating pump system. We see custom made water features in your future.

  1. Add a bit of structure 

Backyards should be a space of serenity and privacy. Sometimes that’s hard to find when homes feel so close together. Building elements such as a plant wall, a veranda, or an overhead structure helps make a space truly your own.