Essentials for Your Outdoor Space this Summer

April 26, 2021

Ah, summer. Nice to see you again. 

Outdoor activities in Southern California are popular year-round but summer is an especially fun season for outdoor gatherings like barbecues and backyard parties. Whenever I create  landscape designs for my clients, I consider how they might use the space to host events. And whether they intend to use their outdoor space for small gatherings or extravagant soirees, the result is always beautiful, functional, and designed to match the client’s lifestyle.

So let’s chat about how to make your outdoor space a summer oasis.

  1. Comfortable, Stylish, and Functional Furniture 

Everyone, take a seat. No, seriously. If you enjoy hosting, your outdoor furniture should  accommodate a variety of gatherings from small pool parties to BBQ blowouts. Invest in comfortable, stain-and-weather-proof furniture that can withstand accidental spills, extreme heat, and maybe even a random rain shower. Treat your outdoor hosting space like your indoor one. Think plush sofas and lounge chairs, an 8-person dining table, a coffee table; maybe some custom lighting pieces for evening affairs. 

  1. Seasonal Botanicals to Celebrate the Summer

Plantlife enhances the beauty of any outdoor space, especially when the plants are in-season. Install a menagerie of summer color with dahlias, marigolds, petunias, and cosmos. As a long-time (and professional) lover of plants, I know the transformative power of proper plantings in a frequently trafficked outdoor space. Your home should look and feel joyous — plants are an easy way to accomplish that.

  1. Fire Pit or Fireplace?

It’s an age-old question and I’m here to tell you… there’s no real answer. It really depends on your style. Fireplaces are more bold and make a statement in your outdoor space. Fire pits are more minimal and allow more seating while conversing and can be a modern or rustic style. Either way, everyone loves to keep cozy by the fire during chilly evening hours. 

  1. Bring the Party to Your Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

The kitchen is and will always be an entertainment hub. So why not bring the kitchen — and the party — outdoors.  Outdoor kitchens are certainly luxury elements but with weather that always lends itself to gathering indoors and outdoors, having a kitchen that allows you to prepare food and entertain in two different places is quite a catch. Serve appetizers inside as guests enter your home. Then use the outdoor space to serve drinks and entree items. 

  1. Lawn Space… and Plenty of It

Here’s a short list of reasons you need lawn space: space for tanning and dancing, a field for lawn games, additional seating for larger gatherings, and a simple read by the pool. Sprawling lawn space allows you to be flexible and transform your space for a variety of purposes. Well maintained natural grass or synthetic turf is always a win and it’s even better when you can enjoy it. 

2021 has shown us the genius we can achieve when we think on our feet. Our outdoor spaces have transformed into our much needed sanctuary while at home with family or entertaining close friends. Summer is the perfect time to perfect your outdoor space and make use of the good weather to create even better, outdoor vibes.