An Ode to the Modern Farmhouse

February 11, 2020

Modern Farmhouse – be still in my heart. White walls? Check. Reclaimed wood? Check. Antique finds? Check.

In design, trends tend to take over quickly. Modern Farmhouse, a re-imagination of shabby chic, is a blend of humble country elements, in vogue industrial elements, and simple neutral palettes. It’s approachable, filled with light, and classy.

The concept of the ‘Modern Farmhouse’ was popularized by Chip and Joanna Gaines of the Fixer Upper empire. If you’re in anyway interested in the world of design, you know (and love) Chip and Joanna. Their iteration of the Modern Farmhouse spurred a nationwide obsession – you’d be hard pressed to miss the aesthetic in any city.

Bringing Modern Farmhouse outdoors can entirely transform a space. By incorporating neutral elements and focusing on designing an airy space, a once compact backyard can become 100% approachable. Think industrial lighting, neutral furniture, and shades of black, white and tan. Outdoor patio spaces and kitchens that mirror the pure and simple shapes of Modern Farmhouse. Soft color palettes in landscaping and décor. Design that showcases, instead of, hides your view and backyard. An emphasis n local materials and stones in order to reflect a country home.