Benefits of a Direct Vent Outdoor Fireplace

July 15, 2020

While Orange County seemingly has it all, we’re missing out on one important element that makes a house a home – the ability to have real wood burning fireplaces.

During the summer months, the idea of lighting a fire may seem silly, but come crisp autumn, there’s nothing better than cozying up to a little heat after the sun sets. Since many areas of Orange County discourage burning of real wood in outdoor fireplaces as a preventative action against wildfires, we must get a bit inventive.

Enter the direct vent fireplace -  a method that pulls airs from the outside into a firebox, without depending on a vent. The design of this type of fireplace allows for more flexibility in placement, since there’s no need for a chimney for venting. For outdoor living rooms the direct vent fireplace is a dynamic way to incorporate a bit of charm into any space. According to research, 90% of gas fireplaces that are now sold are direct-vent because of their safety and efficiency. They are a great alternative for smaller homes and backyards that require sustained heat. Bonus: the City or County is much more open to approving a direct vent fireplace over a traditional fireplace.

I love incorporating direct vent outdoor fireplaces into my designs because they make seasonal transitions a delight. Rather than having the backyard as a summer gathering space, introducing a bit of heat makes a backyard desirable even in the coldest of winter! Pairing a fireplace with seating arrangements or a kitchen makes a space cozy and delightful.